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Project Management Services

Building owners have seen a dramatic rise in the complexity and liability of construction projects over the past 30 years. In step with expanding technology and safety demands, the regulatory sector has imposed ever-changing requirements for approvals, training and licenses – before, during and after construction projects. Legal and insurance matters have brought additional expenses and complexities to bear.

At Integrated, our track record demonstrates that proper project planning can eliminate most of the pitfalls that drive projects over schedule and above budget. Our approach is to work seamlessly with owners in planning their capital projects. We become an extension of the owner’s staff when projects need to be planned and built. We succeed by establishing realistic milestones & deadlines and focus on each project’s critical path.

The following is a list of typical Project Management services offered:

Pre-development phase

  • • Identify and assign priority for capital construction projects
  • • Develop project schedules and budgets, order-of-magnitude
  • • Develop fiscal year cash-draw projections
  • • Review owner’s existing purchase order and work order systems; advise on updates

Project initiation phase

  • • Develop list of suitable architectural and engineering (A/E) firms
  • • Issue request-for-qualifications (RFQ)
  • • Assist in short-listing A/Es
  • • Issue request for proposals (RFPs)
  • • Interview A/Es and any specialized disciplines
  • • Receive, evaluate and level proposals
  • • Verify insurance and bonding
  • • Issue recommendations for award
  • • Update project-specific schedules and budgets, detailed format
  • • Negotiate agreement and contract terms with A/E
  • • Schedule, chair and document meetings as required

Design (pre-construction) phase

  • • Establish and enforce schedule of contract deliverables
  • • Review construction cost estimates
  • • Document and distribute A/E deliverables
  • • Value engineer deliverables at milestone deadlines
  • • Conduct construct-ability and bid-ability reviews on drawings and specifications
  • • Schedule presentations to owner(s), tenants and other stake-holders
  • • Conduct partnering sessions at A/E studios prior to deadlines
  • • Identify long-lead items, pre-purchases and other unique project requirements
  • • Identify and track permits, approvals and required utility letters
  • • Develop site safety plan
  • • Develop site security plan
  • • Develop site utilization plan
  • • Determine number and type of contracts to be awarded
  • • Maintain and update design schedule
  • • Review and recommend payment from owner to A/E
  • • Review and recommend amendments to A/E contract
  • • Schedule, chair and document meetings as required, submit reports to owner / agencies as required

Construction bid & award phase

• Reproduce and distribute bid documents • Schedule & chair pre-bid conference • Collect and filter pre-bid Requests for Information (RFIs) • Monitor A/E RFI response time, review and distribute addenda • Schedule and coordinate receipt of bids • Receive, evaluate and level bids • Review essential paperwork (insurance, worker’s comp., etc.) and subcontractors • Advise owner on award, issue notice(s) of award • Prepare contracts, distribute and return • Issue notice to proceed

Construction administration phase

  • • Schedule, chair and attend pre-construction meeting
  • • Review contractor’s schedule of values
  • • Manage distribution and approval of samples, shop drawings and test reports
  • • Review and recommend payment from owner to contractor
  • • Review and recommend change orders to contractor
  • • Review contractor’s schedule
  • • Interface between contractor and building staff
  • • Continue to monitor A/E contract and payment
  • • Monitor A/E production of record documents of design and construction changes
  • • Collect / produce periodic field reports, photos, and essential logs
  • • Enforce site safety, security and utilization plan
  • • Schedule, chair and document project progress meetings as required

Construction close-out phase

  • • Schedule, chair & attend close-out meeting as required
  • • Develop master punch list
  • • Support owner and A/E in executing completion of punch list items
  • • Coordinate equipment operation and training (O&M)
  • • Collect and distribute manuals and warrantees

Post occupancy phase (as required)

  • • Schedule & conduct 11-month warranty inspection walkthrough
  • • Enforce execution of warranty work
  • • Solve outstanding training and O&M issues